Leading educational trends and prospects 2014



The governmental educational authorities during the current PRI administration have systematically pledged –and failed categorically-  to undergo a purification process.

The only seemingly deliberate positive measure taken was to indict and aprehend Union leader Mag. Elba Esther Gordillo on charges having to do with money laundering and blatant corruption, without any forseeable chance of parole.

Much more, however, is to be said about barren reformations undertaken to “improve” the quality of public education for, noble though it sounds, having the best of intentions is the most irresponsible thing to do: to demand that the teachers be better prepared and constantly updated when we haven’t even managed to qualify in Reading skills as expected by PISA standards and educational autorities remain aloof and/or blind to the fact. THIS CANNOT BE SOLVED BY WISHFUL THINKING.

Moreover, giving that people are told deliberartely fiendish stories about how complex and delicate the situation is and how many legal intricacies must be overcome, practically no one realises the poor quality of tea we’re all being handed to drink and swallow as though it were top end, 100% organic chai.

Granted, private education is a luxury a very few Mexicans could ever hope to afford, but the consequences of ignorance have by far exceeded the status of national disaster, so much so that, for most Mexican teens, it seems more dignifying to become drug traffickers for the duration of their life span. Some of them even reckon it’s somewhat admirable to defy their mentors and relatives and disregard them as “pobre bola de pendejos”, that is, “bunch of poor, sad wankers”.

2014 does not necessarily pose any guarantee or hope of change as long as the person directly responsible of the executive power i.e., presidente Enrique Peña Nieto continues to display a flagrant and seemingly perpetual state of goofiness and denies the Mexican people the legitimate right to an education which is long overdue and expected from any country as resourceful as our own and whose monodependence on say, for instance, petrol, does not mean we lack other sources of income and standards of achievement. Rather, we only lack the knowledge to mind –and run- our own business. The government’s cynical indifference toward the cancer of ignorance makes our country an easy victim to ransacking.

Faced with such accursed circumstances, SUJ has embarked in a change of attitude which has quite obviosuly benefited countless promising young people and future leaders through the implementation of programmes as worthy as social responsibility and green awareness, for it is only through innovation that we could ever expect to impact our surrounding environment in a manner consistent with noble aspirations and, at the same time, the possibility of enhancing the quality of life of the people whose lives and destinies are entangled with our own.

Sure enoug, UIA has become a role model for most worn-out Mexicans who are playing a decisive part in a generation whose over-all demeanor is to stop being afraid of the truth for, proudly, Jesuit mentors shall continue to be men of science rather tan men of the cloth, no matter how deep their devotion might be when it all comes down to the sole purpose of education.

Source: Benajmín Webber Ruíz, Ph.D. benwebberr@gmail.com


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